Diverse: lighting at the Landesgartenschau 2018

Diverse: light at the Landesgartenschau 2018
Diverse: light at the Landesgartenschau 2018
Diverse: light at the Landesgartenschau 2018
Diverse: light at the Landesgartenschau 2018
Diverse: light at the Landesgartenschau 2018
Diverse: light at the Landesgartenschau 2018
Diverse: light at the Landesgartenschau 2018
Diverse: light at the Landesgartenschau 2018


Diverse: Lighting at the Landesgartenschau 2018 in Lahr

The concept for the lighting of the "Garden of Elements", which as one of the partner gardens is exemplary in showing how outdoor areas can be attractively designed, should be "suitable to daylight". Daylight-suitable, specified by the opening hours and the bright seasons of the year, at which the Landesgartenschau takes place: The start was on 12 April 2018. The large exhibition lasts 108 days on the 45-hectare area which has been transformed from a wasteland into an attractive local recreation area. Planners from all over the region who designed the areas and pavilions were also involved. PLANLIGHT was allowed to show in the Garden of Elements how diverse lighting design can be.

It was clear from the start, that we were breaking new ground and convince everyone that we are not only „into the light“. In addition to classic outdoor lights, we have used LED panels, for example, which are impressive even in the sunshine with a brightness of 6000 cd/m2. The video content matching the "Five Elements" theme – is clearly visible even in high ambient light. They can be individually adapted at any time and reflect the high flexibility of LED posters or displays. The panels are available in different sizes and different pixel pitches – here we have chosen a distance between the individual pixels of 6.6mm in order to be able to generate a high-resolution image even at a short viewing distance. There is just as much freedom in terms of content: the content can be played individually as single videos or shown across screens.


For the lying service, we have selected three very special outdoor luminaires: „Statthocker“ from Herford upcycled old streetlamps – thus helping to give new life to luminaires that have gone out of fashion or are no longer energy-efficient. The "Tassilo" floor lamp, for example, consists of wireframe and a lampshade made of white, UV-resistant plastic – on closer inspection it can be recognized as a former street lamp. Each lamp designed by Jens-Oliver Bahr and Bastian Demmer is unique. That's why we love the parts that cleverly blend into the overall picture of technology and coziness in the "Garden of Elements".

Suitable to daylight and outdoor use, self-concious

To increase sensitivity to light at any time of the day, we have used the proven DOTS from Traxon Technologies: the powerful LED light points are of high quality and versatile in use. On the sidewall of the pavilion, they now set the scene for the "Garden of Elements" sign: individually controlled, they "flash" behind the Plexi glas panel and, in bright sunshine, act as a light reflection of sunlight. If the sky is cloudy, the intelligent control system reacts and an appealing image of light points unfolds.

A stone lion roaring

In addition to the holistic lighting concept, we also took care of the sound installation. Soft background music is played over outdoor loudspeakers and frog croaking can be heard at the water basin. At the edge of this basin, a stone figure of our client Birkenmeier Stein + Design is enthroned as a fountain spout: a proud lion that seems to be guarding the garden. Calm, sublime he sits there – but woe betide a visitor who approaches him! Then he begins – quite typical for lions – to roar! The installation behind it is interactive and triggered by the movements of the people passing by. In the evening, the figure is bathed in dynamic color light – tradition meets high-tech.

The pictures for this project were kindly provided by Artis Media.


Luminous seating furniture and floor lamps: Statthocker

LED dots: Traxon Technologies

Fountain spout: Birkenmeier Stein + Design

Loudspeaker: S.E.A


Planning: planwerk-gehle

Garden & Landscaping: Lässle Bauunternehmungen

Natural pond: Sauter Gartenbau

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