Leading the way: Media technology meets fashion

Leading the way: Media technology meets fashion
Leading the way: Media technology meets fashion
Leading the way: Media technology meets fashion
Leading the way: Media technology meets fashion
Leading the way: Media technology meets fashion
Leading the way: Media technology meets fashion
Leading the way: Media technology meets fashion
Leading the way: Media technology meets fashion
Leading the way: Media technology meets fashion
Leading the way: Media technology meets fashion

Media technology meets fashion

Being into fashion also means always being up-to-date and knowing the latest trends. That this curiosity extends far beyond trousers, bags and dresses is now demonstrated by the fashion house Kaiser in Freiburg with the newly opened department #missunderground – the young fashion department in the basement of the flagship store on Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse.

State-of-the-art media technology makes the shopping experience perfect: besides a remarkable stretch monitor in the checkout area, an art wall of unusually arranged monitors displays moving images, an over-corner LED wall creates astonishment and a corridor is skillfully staged thanks to motion-controlled light points. The idea and the subsequent technical planning and implementation came from PLANLIGHT GmbH.

Media service and digital signage of the finest quality: PLANLIGHT was able to demonstrate all its skills in the Kaiser fashion house project. The outstanding eye-catcher is the art-wall consisting of six monitors placed next to the Caféstatt_bar. The individual screens are offset and remain clearly visible. The contents can be played back individually as single videos or across screens or the displays can be used as a single projection surface. The fact that LG's high-quality monitors are seamless, no frame disturbs the overall picture, contributes to this. With a brightness of 700cd/m2, they provide a brilliant picture despite the strong ambient light. "We are proud to have found such extraordinary solutions for the customer's wishes. The implementation was fun and the result is inspiring," says Gerhard Geibel, one of the managing directors of PLANLIGHT in Endingen.

The original idea of the fashion house was to place a 2x3 meter LED wall at this location. The solution via the Art-Wall convinced the management and team: such a showpiece attracts attention especially at this prominent location.

The installation on one of the columns in the jeans department is also exciting: two LED walls are attached at the corner, which are connected by a special miter cut and merge into one unit. Here too, the high resolution of the individual LEDs ensures a sharp image.

Light accompanied: installation with light points

Right next to the checkout is another highlight: an interactive wall projection accompanies the customer as he or she passes by with light. The movement triggers the control system and thus triggers a color change in the LED light points. With a pitch (distance between the light points) of 210mm, the DOT XL from Traxon Technologies produces a changeable image in which the light remains visible like a dot.

A pleasant (shopping) experience

Using a "magic mirror", the customer in the shoe department can comfortably view the shoe on his own foot without having to bend or turn. A camera films the fitting and transmits it in real-time to a monitor at eye level. This service offers the unbeatable advantage that the customer can take a good look at the product plus take in views that would not be possible with a normal mirror: he sees himself as his counterpart sees him and not mirror-inverted, as is the case with a "normal" mirror. Via this gimmick, the fashion consultants often effortlessly come into contact with the customers in a wow-moment.

An ultra-wide stretch monitor with a length of 2.10m and a height of only 40cm in the checkout area, showing logos, actions of the fashion house like discounts or current events, a clock and promo videos, as well as a smaller monitor installation in the so-called children's cinema, where the sound stays in the cinema, complete the extensive media offer in #missunderground.

Semi-transparent mirror surfaces provide an eye-catcher on the upper floor

The Kaiser fashion house has been catching the trendy way in its interior design for a long time. In 2012, for example, the design floor of the Kaiser Damenhaus was rebuilt with an architecturally impressive staging of independent fashion worlds and large displays by PLANLIGHT. Six 46" monitors arranged on top of each other provide an eye-catcher in the ladies' house. They are mounted behind a semi-transparent mirror so that the customer can look at himself and at the same time watch current videos of fashion shows. The monitors are also seamless and this, therefore, has an unusual format of 1m width and almost 3.5m height – such a solution can only be achieved with special products that the fashion house Kaiser was able to purchase through its partner PLANLIGHT. In Kaiser Herrenhaus, an 85'' monitor was placed in the stairwell to stage video content of interesting fashion labels.

Personal-TV instead of a notice board – this is how innovation works

Not visible for customers, but invaluable for the team: personal TV. At important areas in the company, such as the canteen and staff changing rooms, displays replace the notice board. They are used to displaying notices, information about marketing campaigns or other relevant content to employees. After training by experienced PLANLIGHT employees, the company itself provides content for all media in the company. This proves that the long-established fashion house Kaiser is not only one of the innovative forces in Freiburg in its field.

Technical Details

  • Cash monitor: 2,16m x 0,35m monitor with 500cd/sqm, Pixel-Pitch 4k, incl. signage package
  • Art-wall: 6 pcs. LG frameless monitor 49"  with 700cd/sqm and extremely narrow bridge, incl. signage package
  • Corridor wall: LED dots with a pixel pitch of 200mm, webcam interactively triggered
  • Shoe mirror: 22" monitor and camera
  • Children's cinema: 49" monitor with 500cd/sqm, loudspeaker
  • Jeans column: two seamless LED displays over the corner with a pixel pitch of 2.9
  • Integration of the digital signage package into the existing home network

Project Partners

About Kaiser Mode

The Kaiser family started their business in 1946 and firstly sold outerwear in the family's private rooms. The company quickly developed into a specialist for ladies' and men's clothing, which was able to expand into larger premises on Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse in Freiburg. The Kaiser family has been the owner of the building since the 1980s – and since then they have also been constantly breaking new ground in terms of architecture and design.

In 1999, for example, the completely converted shop became the first building in a German pedestrian zone to be fitted with a solar cell façade, and in 2001 it received the Forum Award "Specialist Shop of the New Decade". Zita Kaiser, the founder of the company, was known for her social commitment until her death in 2011 and was honoured with several awards (including the Stauffer Medal and the 1st Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon).

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