Throwback Thursday: Lights

Throwback Thursday: Lights
Throwback Thursday: Lights
Throwback Thursday: Lights
Throwback Thursday: Lights
Throwback Thursday: Lights

Dynamic white light for the office

Vivid light for the Losan Pharma in Neuenburg

A holistic lighting solution that focuses on people and makes ecological sense – this was achieved in the lighting design for the new open office, the associated conference and ancillary rooms of the Neuenburger-based pharmaceutical group Losan Pharma GmbH. The starting point was the idea of using biologically effective light in Human Centric Lighting (HCL). The rhythm of the light is programmed according to the latest tendencies and follows the natural light development that depends on the time of day. All luminaires are combined in a control system and programmed together so that we actually created an all-encompassing lighting solution.

Thirty new office workplaces, as well as conference and recreation rooms with a magnificent view, have been created at Losan AG on a representative floor by adding a floor to an existing building. The client and the responsible architect Thomas Harter from Breisach focussed on the people who work here in the first place. Height-adjustable desks were used to ensure the health of the employees. The appropriate lighting idea came from Gerhard Geibel, managing director of Planlight GmbH from Kiechlinsbergen am Kaiserstuhl. He explains: "If the height of the visual task is changed by an adjustable desk, the illuminated area must nevertheless always remain the same size and be equally well illuminated". The solution: table lamps that are placed individually on each desk.

Holistic lighting planning, in focus: the human being

However, it was not only this possibility of relocation that convinced clients and planners of the now selected luminaire from the Arnsberg-based manufacturer Trilux. The Bicult works with direct and indirect light, it also uses the latest technology and generates its light in variable colour temperatures. The so-called Human Centric Lighting (HCL) uses an integrated light management system to control the light colour depending on the time of the day and the season. This allows the light to develop its full biological, emotional and visual effect. The use of the latest technology also makes sense ecologically: the luminaires adapt to the ambient brightness and individual luminaires switch off when the employee is no longer at work for a certain period of time. In this way, energy can be saved – a not unimportant point with more than thirty workplaces.

But the lighting concept of the designers goes even further: to achieve a truly holistic effect, adapted ambient light is also required because HCL only develops its full effect through the indirect light effect on the eye. Geibel and his team took the structural conditions into account: the suspended chilled ceiling sails in the offices are backlit with light lines so that indirect general lighting can be created.

The planners discreetly integrate light lines into the acoustic ceiling of the corridor, which seem to be distributed randomly. But the experts have thought about everything carefully and have chosen the arrangement according to the standards. All luminaires are controlled from a single point. The programming was also carried out by Planlight GmbH. The software solution from Osram is designed to meet the requirements of HCL and was selected for this reason. Geibel has summarised the individual options for each employee in a guide – user-friendly and easy to understand. By controlling and programming all the luminaires together, energy costs can be saved – for example, if the light output is automatically reduced after work or because all the luminaires are dimmable and do not always have to run at 100% output.

Award-winning lamps in an exclusive design

The light rings above the conference and meeting rooms are also equipped with LEDs in changeable white tones and integrated into the HCL. They are height-adjustable without tools and of exclusive design: Geibel has chosen the Mito from Occhio for this. The value corresponds to the interior design of the conference rooms for internal – company meetings – and external – visitors – use. The Mito can also be found in the staircase: as impressive solitaires, the luminaires provide the necessary light and create a cosy atmosphere.

Besides designer luminaires, the creative minds at Planlight also use individual luminaires that are designed and manufactured specifically for a project. LIKU Licht und Kunst from Nimburg is a competent partner for this. Uwe Hanser, managing director of LIKU, manufactures profile and special luminaires which do exactly what the customer requires. This is what happened in this demanding project: lighting designer Geibel came up with the idea of linear light lines that discretely integrate into the suspended metal ceiling of the WC rooms and create a pleasant general light. The highlight: LEDs with special lenses are placed at the ends (visually indistinguishable from the others), whose light flashes along the walls and thus optically continues from the ceiling towards the floor. Standard lights? No chance. A case for Uwe Hanser: together, the two professionals developed lights in which high-quality LED strips, special lenses and quality ballasts are installed. The warm-white general lighting of the room – deliberately chosen – is provided by the wide-beam part of the luminaire, which can be switched separately from the effect lenses.

Indoor and outdoor – perfectly coordinated

The impressive presentation of the new floor. Geibel's idea: the light from the interior rooms also has an effect on the outside via the glass façade in the dark. This made it possible to skip additional exterior lights – a welcome saving for the client, which nevertheless does not diminish the external effect of the new part of the building, especially since the well-thought-out programming allows a gentle movement of light to be generated. The DMX control – which is managed via an innovative PLC (Power Line Communication) – records the progression from cool white to warm white light. Also, short light bands are integrated into the façade, giving the floor a delicate strip of colour through the indirect light.

The holistic solution with biologically effective light is probably one of the most comprehensive in Germany to date: the entire floor including the staircase is designed in HCL technology, all luminaires are combined in a common control unit. User-friendly programming according to the client's specifications and taking into account the latest research results on the subject of circadian rhythm are part of the work carried out on this project. It shows good cooperation between client, architect and lighting designer.

Project participants

Architect: Harter Architekten, Breisach

Electrician: Elektro Bieg, Schliengen-Obereggenen

Products in use

Light lines in corridors and WCs, emergency staircase, indirect light behind the acoustic sails: LIKU Light and Art, Teningen

Mito pendant luminaire in the conference rooms and Sento Verticale wall luminaire in the WCs: Occhio

Table lamp Bicult: Trilux

Control: e:cue control from Osram